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ATAP CDC was formed out of a response to an emergency need in the community, and addressing gaps in service became a focus for its mission. Rather than duplicate existing services, the ATAP CDC seeks to identify unmet needs, the places where people fall through the cracks. Practicing hospitality, building creative partnerships, marshaling resources, and encouraging volunteer efforts -- these are the core values. The ATAP CDC program’s emphasis is on individual advocacy, guidance, and mentoring as a way of fostering dignity, achievement, and independence for each person served.

The Walton Theater Selma Operated by ATAP Community Development Corporation

 The  Walton Theater opened for operation in 1914.  During the late 1940’s,  in addition to running feature films and hosting vaudeville shows, the  Walton staged local “Amateur Nights.”   A typical weekend night at the  Walton would include a feature movie, local talent acts, newsreels and a  short comedy.

By the 1970’s, the Walton Theater was closed and  on the verge of crumbling.  In the early 1980’s, a project spearheaded  by local resident, Larry Striplin, and singer, Anita Bryant, was  launched to restore and enlarge the facility to feature theater  productions and movies and to host special community activities. After  five years of planning and construction, the Walton Theater opened in  May, 1985 as the Performing Arts Center. The Performing Art Center  ceased its operation in the 1990s. In February 2015 the Walton Theater  was reopened by A.T.A.P. Community Development Corporation a 501 ( 


Our Mission is to develop, evaluate, and disseminate programs that stimulate economic growth and promote economic stability; enhancing the lives of all people by providing a support structure that educates, increases awareness and promotes personal responsibility – qualities we believe are essential to leading productive lives in a democratic society.